Summer at the Studio

We are open all summer to help you reach your goals. 

Looking to refresh your math fundamentals? Fractions, percents, algebra and problem solving, come in for a first session and lets make a plan to get your math skills and comfort level to where it needs to be. Feel good about math again!

Worried about summer brain drain, or disappointed in your language marks last year? We have tutors available all summer who can help with your reading and writing. 

Taking a tough summer school course? Even an easy summer school course (looking at you, careers!) turns challenging when condensed in to 12 lessons. We can help with whatever it is, from civics to advanced functions. Just don't wait until you are two weeks behind.

Boot Camps are back! We will be holding three bootcamps at the end of the summer, to help get students ready for September. If you are interested in our Fundamentals of Grade 9 MathFundamentals of Grade 10 Math, or Getting Ready for High School French, contact us today.