Proper exam preparation is the key to successful exam writing as well as minimizing exam stress. Looking ahead and planning is one of the most important steps; you should start reviewing 5 weeks in advance!

It is easy to let exam preparation fall to the bottom of the priority list when you are completing end of year projects, writing unit tests and still learning new material, but you will thank yourself for setting up a study plan in May and booking your review sessions!

We create clearly outlined study plans and offer special exam review sessions tailored to your needs. These sessions include:

  • a thorough review of key concepts and terms
  • proven review packages with additional practice questions
  • tutorial on how to make study notes
  • guidance on how to organize course materials
  • outline of different study methods and techniques

Time slots always fill up fast,  so sign up as soon as possible to make sure you get the times that work for you!

Our lower level offers additional work space!

Our lower level offers additional work space!