The Study Studio is passionate about helping students and their families.  Whether you are challenging yourself to be top of the class, struggling to stay in class, or anywhere in between, we are here to help. Our philosophy is that with the right support and care, every student can find academic and personal success, however they choose to define it.

Since our doors opened in 2000 we have helped thousands of students and families. We work with students’ existing academic load to give them the help they need to succeed in the classroom right now. At the same time, we incorporate crucial learning skills into each session. This combination of direct academic support and skill development leads to increased confidence, satisfaction and success.


Academic success involves more than just mastering concepts taught in class. With our approach, students gain awareness of positive classroom and homework behaviours and insight into their own abilities. The personal strategies they develop contribute to ongoing success in school and life.  

The Study Studio offers tutoring in all subject areas from Grades 3 to 12.  We are open 7 days a week to fit your schedule, whether you prefer after school, later in the evening or weekends.  We are a proud member of the Beaches community and welcome the opportunity to get to know you. Call or drop by anytime.

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