Problems at school can lead to problems at home. School is stressful, and not just for the students. It can be difficult to know how to proceed. Needing to make a change, but not knowing how or what to change can add to the pressure.

We can help. The Study Studio has two decades of experience helping families define what academic success means to them, and together charting a path to get there. A Family Meeting is an opportunity for students and parents to sit down with The Study Studio and talk about the specific challenges they are facing, and come up with a plan to support them as they work to meet those challenges.

The Study Studio philosophy is that with care and proper support every student can find academic and personal success, however they choose to define it. Meeting face to face and listening to you and your child, and hearing your insights, is how we begin to offer that support.

Family meetings are generally scheduled for quieter parts of the day, and can be arranged around your schedule. Tutors are sometimes present, but not always. There is never any charge for a Family Meeting.