How much does it cost?

$45 per session. There are no hidden fees or materials costs. 

How long is a typical session? Can I book longer/shorter?

Sessions are one hour long and begin on the hour. If you need more time you are welcome to book additional hours! 


A one hour tutoring session at The Study Studio pairs two students to one tutor. Sessions are tailored to give each student what they need, be it enrichment, remedial, or anything in between. There is a strong focus on confidence building, organization, and study skills throughout.

How do you determine who the other student is during a session?

Students are paired based on 3 criteria: their age, the subject they are working on, and their learning profile. It is essential that the students can work comfortably beside one another.

Can I book a private session?

Yes, private sessions are available, for $70, during non-peak hours.

Is all of your tutoring done at The Study Studio or can the tutor come to my home?

All tutoring sessions take place at The Study Studio. 

What should I bring to a session?

While The Study Studio has a large selection of textbooks, resource packs, novels, computers, calculators, and lots of pencils, it is always recommended to bring the books and supplies you use in school. That way you can get right to work.

Will my child have the same tutor every session?

Students with regular weekly appointments have the same tutor every week. 

What are the qualifications of your tutors?

Our tutors are the best in Toronto! They are a mix of qualified teachers, teacher candidates presently enrolled in teacher’s college, and graduates of university or senior university students with expertise in their subject area.  All are very familiar with the expectations of the Ontario Curriculum. We pair students with tutors whose communication and teaching style help them the most.

Can we cover multiple subjects in the same session?

Yes, sometimes. It depends on the grade level and the subjects, and it is important to have reasonable expectations of what is possible in a 60 minute session. If you have specific instructions for the tutor on what you want to cover, please email these to before the scheduled session. 

How many sessions a week do we recommend?

Students benefit most from regular tutoring. This is best achieved through weekly sessions. In cases where a course load is very heavy, or a student is prone to falling behind, then two sessions a week is a good idea. Additional sessions, before tests or to edit crucial assignments, are also available, on an “as needed” basis.

What is a Family Meeting?

A Family Meeting is an opportunity for students and their parents to sit down with The Study Studio owner and discuss specific challenges, set educational goals, and develop a plan to meet them. Often the student’s tutor will participate to offer their insight. 

My son/daughter has an IEP, or other special academic needs. Can you help them with their work?

Absolutely. We offer study sessions that are designed around the learning needs of our students, including students with specific academic plans or educational needs. Let us know what you require, and if necessary, come in for a free Family Meeting where we develop a plan to meet your child’s specific challenges. 

My son/daughter is falling behind and having trouble learning to read/write. Do you offer sessions that can help them?

Yes we can help! We have tutors that work closely with students who are struggling with reading and writing. We know how important these skills are, and how easy it is to neglect them until it is too late. 

Do you deal with teachers and schools directly?

Absolutely! We love having direct contact with teachers, and many teachers appreciate our help. However, this contact must be initiated by students and their parents. We recommend talking to the teacher directly, and then following up with an introductory email to the teacher and The Study Studio together. We have an excellent reputation with area schools that we are quite proud of.

Do you have do formal assessments?

No. Your child has already been assessed at school. We value your insights, both yours and your child’s, as well as teacher feedback you’ve received. We listen to you and work with you and your child’s teacher(s) to meet the specific needs of your child.

Do you tutor University-level subjects?

It depends. If we have a suitable tutor, we are happy to help you. Many of our tutors are experienced tutoring AP or even university level courses. Give us a call and we will see. Depending on the course, there might be a premium charge and/or limited availability.

What information do I need to register? 

The minimum we need to know is your name and contact info, and your child’s name, age, grade, and school. Information that is relevant to tutoring is a great help: most recent teacher comments, if there is an IEP you feel comfortable sharing, what sort of tutor you think would be most effective, etc.

I have more than one child, can they come together?

Yes. We don’t usually recommend that siblings be paired together for a session, but we have multiple tutors and can certainly accommodate them both at the same time. If they are the rare siblings that work great together then by all means.

Can I make requests for a specific tutor?

Of course! If there is a specific tutor you want to work with, call us and we will do our best to book you with them. If they are totally booked or unavailable, we are happy to recommend a tutor with a similar teaching style. 

Do I need to book a weekly session? Can I just come when I need some extra help?

Book what you need! We recommend weekly, or even twice weekly sessions, but we strongly believe that all our students are unique, and have unique needs.

My son/daughter has a test tomorrow. Can I book last minute sessions?

YES! We will always do our very best to find you the help you need. But the more notice you give us, the better. Especially during exam season, when spots fill up fast.

My son/daughter has a spare. Do you offer daytime sessions?

The Study Studio’s first session of the day begins at 2 pm during the school week- this works very well for students with last period spares. Weekend hours are 11 - 5.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have learned, through long experience with young adults and children, to expect surprises. That’s why The Study Studio has the most accommodating cancellation policy around. Let us know if you can’t make your session before closing the night before, and we won’t charge a penny. We also will forgive one last minute cancellation (or no-show) per calendar month, provided you re-book within 5 days.

My son/daughter just woke up feeling really ill, and they can't come to the tutoring session they have booked after school today. Can we cancel it?

The Study Studio cancellation policy is straightforward and generous (we know what being a parent is like). A cancellation made prior to close of business the day before a session is always no charge. Clients are forgiven one same day cancellation a month, provided the session is rescheduled within 5 days. Further same-day cancellations, or same-day cancellations with no rescheduled appointments, are charged as though attended. 

My son/daughter just got told they have a practice tomorrow. Can we cancel their session?

Yes of course! You can change the day and time of your regular sessions when your schedule changes. As for practices and tournaments, the more consistent the tutoring schedule is, the better, but accommodating ‘pop up’ changes is part of our day to day. Let us know as soon as you can, and we will do our best to reschedule with your tutor of choice.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes. Payment is required before your session begins. Pre-paid packages of 5 or 10 sessions are strongly encouraged to streamline your tutoring experience, but pay as you go is available if needed. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, or email money transfer (EMT).

Can I pay by credit card or debit?

The Study Studio does not accept credit or debit card payments.

How do I pay with an e-transfer?

If you are able to access electronic banking, e-transfers are a snap. Simply log into your bank’s website, select “Interac e-Transfer,” and follow the prompts. Our email address is We ask that clients choose the full, first name, of the student, with no capital letters, as the answer to the security question.

We have more answers! Give us a call, send us an email, or just stop by. Whatever academic challenge you are facing, we want to help.

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